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as you sleep I will be in your arms my love, for you will be forever be in mine. Every second and every minute of every day belongs to you. These are my thoughts. I love you so much. Sleep tight my beloved…

A collection of discovered letters, notes scrawled on the back of envelopes, on cardboard drink coasters, written in Sydney in the 1960s drive my latest research/writing project. Jack loved Hendy. This is not their real names, but the names they called one another. She was 43 years old and divorced, he was 54 and married. She lived in an art deco apartment in Potts Point, worked as a stock broker, waitress, secretary, partied in notorious nightclubs, was courted by lovers, and once served Ben Chifley at the Arabian Café in the Cross. It was a high-life, and far from the one she had been born into. Arriving in Sydney towards the end of the second world war, she seized the opportunity to re-invent herself. Until, it all came crashing down.

My research takes me into the Perth and Sydney archives, and to the many places where she lived in Kings Cross and Potts Point. As I re-trace the paper and memory landscape of her life from the late 1940s to 1970s, disparate pieces of information in the letters begin to re-shape and re-assemble into a narrative of the events leading up to 1970 that irrevocably changed the course of her life.


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